This poster sums up every teen girl-clique movie perfectly

Ahh, teenage girl cliques. You hate to love them or love to hate them, but either way, you can’t stop watching them. They’re the most popular girls in school, and even if they may not be admired by all, most people would at least be curious to know what it’s like to be part of such a seemingly impenetrable crew. Wouldn’t you be, too? Imagine playing croquet with the Heathers or wearing pink on Wednesdays like The Plastics. Which comes to my next question, which teen girl archetype would you identify with the most? On some days I feel like I can be an ice cold B like Mean Girls‘ Regina George then other days I feel like a TOTAL FERN from Jawbreaker.

If you’re going to need some sort of visual reference to decide, you are in luck. Sara M. Lyons, who we love for her awesome nail decals, has made the “Field Guide for the Social Hierarchy of The High School Female.” Isn’t it genius?

There’s a poster print to hang on your wall as well as buttons of every member from each girl crew. You can wear an Alpha Bitch like Regina or Heather Chandler on one jacket collar, and an Interloper like Cady or Veronica Sawyer on the opposite collar. They’ll be battling each other for your conscience like a cartoon devil and angel.

Field Guide for the Social Hierarchy of The High School Female print, $15 and pins, $3 each. 

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