The poster for the “Pete’s Dragon” reboot is as magical as the movie’s going to be

If you were born after the early 80s, chances are you have no idea why all the older millennials/late GenXers are freaking out about a kid’s movie. And that is because you were likely sadly, sadly deprived of a Disney classic, Pete’s Dragon.

This week, our old friend Pete and his reptilian pal Elliot were brought back to life with the first reveal of a poster, for Disney’s remake of their 1977 original. Well, two posters, actually, a regular poster and a magical animated poster.

The regular poster is awesome enough, featuring a mysterious woodland setting, a young boy, and a dragon adorably terrible at hiding.

This poster has enough going for it to already get us excited. While the CG dragon is obviously a major (and arguably necessary) update from the original, there’s something about the scene that is warm-heartedly nostalgic, calling to mind the great 80s kids epics like E.T., The Explorers, and Flight of the Navigator.  Also the dragon is furry. THE DRAGON IS FURRY, GUYS.

But then we also get this neat animated version of the poster, two for two, hurrah!

The original version of the movie was one of Disney’s animation/live action/musical hybrids, akin to Bedknobs and Broomsticks. It told the compelling story of Pete, an orphan with a not-so-great family, and his dragon Elliot, who could turn invisible at will. With a not-so-great family and a snake-oil doctor out for Elliot’s valuable body, hijinks, naturally, ensued, and- seriously, why would you need to know anything more to want to see the remake??

According to , the new version will be directed by David Lowery, known for his traumatic drama Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, which gives us hope that the emotional story at the heart of this dragon tale will be handled well. Even better, the dragon’s effects will be handled by WETA workshop, the famed VFX studio that brought to life all the cool parts of the Lord Of the Rings series.

Counting the days, can’t wait!

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