The poster for the Amy Poehler/Tina Fey movie is here and it’s good times

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have a new moving coming out. With that sentence alone, the world is a bazillion times better. When their forces combine, we get laughs, we get stories with heart, we get squad goals to live by. For their new movie, they’re playing the ultimate dynamic-duo, too. They’re sisters in a movie called, WHAT ELSE? Sisters.

Ready to check out the two of them in all their glory on the brand new Sisters movie poster? That shouldn’t even be a question, because the answer is a very loud, YES.

We’ve already covered how Fey and Poehler are going to play sisters. But what’s the movie actually about? When these two learn that their parents are selling their childhood home — along with all their childhood memories, basically — the two head back to throw one last, epic, raging house party. Our invitation for this shindig must have gotten lost in the mail.

Here we’ve got the two curled up in the tub with some light reading material. Major props to the fact that they’re wearing swim caps. Except that in Fey’s case, it’s actually a plastic bag, so already we love both of these ladies and their strange, amazing sisterly dynamic.

The movie opens on December 18th (that’s the same day as Force Awakens if you’re already counting down to Star Wars).

(Image via Universal, ABC)


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