You can finally post and watch Instagram Stories from the web

Though Instagram was designed first and foremost as a mobile app, the social platform knows that sometimes it’s easier to check out the ‘Gram on your desktop computer. When you’re sitting through a boring lecture or a long meeting, you can’t always pull out your phone, but you CAN check Instagram on your laptop. But even then, the features are limited. That is, until now: You can finally post Instagram Stories from the web.

You no longer need to exclusively be on the app to post or watch Instagram Stories. The new feature is great if you don’t have your phone handy but want to post something ASAP. Or if you just want to check out what your friends are up to from your computer.

While the capability was first rolled out back in August, many users weren’t able to see Instagram Stories on desktop until this week. According to The Verge, the web capabilities are still somewhat limited. Users can only share a photo with a text overlay. And unfortunately, they aren’t able to post videos or use any of Instagram’s fun face filters. But hey, it’s something. And we have no doubt that more enhanced features are coming soon.

Instagram keeps surprising us with an impressive number of rollouts and new features.

Our latest favorite is the Superzoom feature. Superzoom zooms in quickly on a subject, with a touch of flashy music. There’s also a new Instagram Stories poll feature, where your followers can help make decisions for you.

But there’s more!

If that’s not enough, Instagram also recently announced that it’s testing a stop-motion feature for Instagram Stories, essentially allowing users to make their own GIFs. Sounds like another great option along with Boomerang.

We’re sure it’ll just be a matter of time before all of those things are also available on desktop. For now, we’re glad we can check out Instagram Stories from our laptop in times of need.

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