This Post-It note beauty hack is our new eyeshadow savior

We’re calling it now, the next big thing in beauty is eyeshadow art. And it’s way less complicated than you would think thanks, to a beauty Instagrammer named Malia. Malia, or “beautynmalia” as she is known to her Instagram followers, made the most awesome eyeshadow beauty hack for her crown eye makeup tutorial. And it involves something we’d never expect: Post-Its!

The talented makeup artist used a Post-It as a stencil to create the crown shape for her look. Not only are Post-its something everybody has at home lying in a drawer, making it an inexpensive beauty tool, the stencil idea totally reduces your chances of messing up lines by allowing you to follow the shape.

In the video, Malia shows viewers how to fold and clip the Post-It into a crown shape with scissors.

Folded in half, it will resemble a stick of Juicy Fruit gum.

She preps with shadow base (the key to success for all eye makeup.) Then, she holds the Post-It up to her lid to apply her shadow color over it with a brush.

The result is the outline of a crown! What a queen!

Malia adds false lashes and a gem stone to complete her look. I mean, it is a CROWN, after all.

If you wanted to, you could use the Post-It to create other shapes. This look could be really fun with polka dots or animal print.

Although she created the post-it hack, Malia does not take credit for this crown shadow trend. According to her, this look is “everywhere,” and we can see why!

Check out the full vid:

We can’t wait to use this amazing hack, because we all deserve a good crown or two!

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