These post-election protests by high school and college students give us hope for the future

Positive and negative, reactions have been strong since it became clear that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States.

All around the nation, high school and college students have already begun rising up in protest of Trump’s election.

Here are some highlights from across the country, thanks to the reporters at TeenVogue:

University of Connecticut

A massive rally took over streets on the UConn campus. There was very little anger visible at the demonstration. Instead, students were cheering and clapping, holding up signs about love and acceptance. “We make joy out of the worst situations,” said the woman leading the rally. “We win in the worst situations. This is just a road block that we will overcome.”

University of Oklahoma

Students hosted a #BlackOUt march on campus after the election results came in. One student delivered a powerful speech: “People that are here today; people who have been marginalized: I want you to know that you are loved, your identities hold deep value, [and] you are truly what makes America great.”

Yale University

Students on the Yale campus gathered the evening of the announcement. In an expression of catharsis and bonding, they all stood together and screamed. “The scream offered students a chance to come together, process the shock of the moment and use that energy to move forward,” reported Yale Daily News.

If you feel pain and fear after election night, know that you’re not alone. Find your loved ones, hold them close, and raise your voice.