Never forget that it was 10 years ago when Victoria Beckham slayed with this iconic haircut

If you were to guess which of the Spice Girls would still be a star in 2017, you may not have guessed Victoria Beckham. While most went crazy for Baby’s pastel pink everything and Sporty’s arm-band tattoo, Posh did her own thing, including slaying the game with that iconic haircut. It was edgy and it was bad — in the good way. It was gold, glossy and asymmetrical in a time where Lauren Conrad’s long sunkissed beach waves reigned supreme. Even in the ’90s when the round, bouncy Rachel haircut was still gracing just about every female head, it was Victoria who kept it sleek, cropped, and dangerously dark. She’s an icon for a reason.

To jog your memory, THIS is what celebrity hair looked like in 2007.


And this is what stand-out-from-the-crowd Victoria Beckham looked like.


This is Mrs. Beckham-era Posh, where she evenly shared the spotlight (as they still do!) with David and her then two boys. The look was bright and chic in an era where a middle part and bright highlights were everywhere. Not on Victoria. We’re guessing not ever. 

What was 2007, though? We’re loving the fake tan and zebra print mix.


Now that Mel B’s back in the spotlight on America’s Got Talent, some of the weight of being today’s most famous Spice Girl is lifted off Victoria, if only just for now. You never know when Ginger’s going to break out the Union Jack minidress and vinyl boots and wow us with some surprising new venture. Here’s hoping!


Every once in a while we Google where and what the Girls are up to now as a way to keep that Spice in our lives. Time to go find our Spice World VHS tape!

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