The Portuguese translation of this “RuPaul’s Drag Race” catchphrase is way harsh

None of us would ever want to experience any of the classic “goodbye” phrases on reality TV: “Pack your knives and go,” “You’re out,” “The tribe has spoken”… all these eliminations are rough. And it turns out the phrase “Sashay away” from RuPaul’s Drag Race in Portuguese might be the most brutal one of all.

Whenever a contestant gets eliminated from Drag Race, RuPaul (in perfect RuPaul fashion) tells them to “sashay away.” And we have always loved that as an elimination line. But Twitter user Phi_lipi noticed something. If you watch the show in Portuguese, the phrase becomes a little less fun.

Turns out “sashay away” translated in Portuguese makes RuPaul’s Drag Race pretty savage.

YIKES, that is seriously harsh. We know RuPaul can be tough on the show, but damn. “Sashay away” becomes “Bye, go home, no one loves you.” According to the Twitter user, this is the translation that appeared when he watched the show online in Portugal.

Some Twitter users suspected the translation was made so the phrase would still have a rhyme to it. Maybe connotation was skirted for style? false

Now we’re even more worried for all the contestants leaving Drag Race. Because “sashay away” just took on a whole new layer. But don’t worry, ladies. You can sashay away, and people will still love you.

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