Add this portable couch to the list of things we need ASAP

For the moments when the grass is a little too wet or your apartment is a little too far away or you’re just feeling a little too tired of waiting in line for take-out, whip out your inflatable couch. That’s a real life thing that goes by the name of the Hangout from a brand called Lamzac so, naturally, the Internet is freaking out.

The brand’s about page has all the info. Inspired by the Dutch word “lamzak” which means, “a lazy person or literally, an inactive bag,” the couches retail for $70 and can be compressed into small two- pound pouches or inflated into 6.5 feet long and three feet wide relaxation stations.

Lamzac released a handy video breaking down how it all works. First, take out your pouch.


Then, release the pouch and drag it through the air like a butterfly net to fill it with air.



Finally, enjoy!


As ridiculous as it may seem, it actually looks pretty perfect for things like concerts and hanging outside with friends. Unfortunately, a lot of people thought so, and the couch is currently sold out. However, you can put your name on the list to receive their newsletter and be the first to find out when this inflatable goodness comes can come into your life.

See the Hangout in action below!

(Image via YouTube)