Pornstache (of ‘OITNB’) is completely unrecognizable in his newest role

Pablo Schreiber might be best known for his role as George Mendez (aka, Pornstache) on Orange Is The New Black, but his latest role has us feeling less skeeved out and more hot under the collar. In HBO’s newest comedy, The Brink, Schreiber sheds his mustache and opts for a pilot’s helmet instead.

In the show, which follows an unfolding international crisis in Pakistan, Schreiber plays Zeke Tilson, a fighter jet pilot with the Navy. “Z-Pak”, as his fellow pilots call him, also does some light drug dealing. And one more thing: He’s pretty dreamy (even with a nickname like Z-Pak).

Z-Pak, I could watch you be intense on the phone all day! Gone is the unfortunate hair, turtleneck, and mega-sketch vibe that we’ve all come to know and love(??) in Pornstache. Instead, we’re getting some straight up Top Gun realness, and we’re into it.

Of course, this isn’t the first time avid TV watchers may have had some deja vu when Schreiber pops up on-screen. He’s appeared in a whole host of shows, including Weeds and The Wire. He’s also all over Law & Order, from SVU to Criminal Intent.

For movie buffs, you will remember Pornstache in Vicky Cristina Barcelona:

But OITNB is definitely the role that’s made him a familiar face, even if that familiar face is obscured by the mustache to end all mustaches. And while we love Schreiber on OITNB, we’re thrilled to see him in a less creepsauce role.

Catch The Brink on Sundays at 10:30 on HBO.

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