The real reason Pornstache from “Orange is the New Black” no longer has a ‘stach

If you watch Orange is the New Black, you are probably well aware that George Mendez’s “Pornstache” was basically its own character on the show.


You also probably noticed that Mendez only made one appearance in Season 3, and Pornstache was M.I.A.


In the episode, “A Tittin’ and a Harin’,” Mendez is visited by his mother in prison, where she tells him that he isn’t the father of Daya’s son. As emotional as the scene was, it was overshadowed by the fact that Pornstache was GONE. Considering the mustache has its own name, fans of the show were understandably shocked by the missing facial hair. And not only shocked, but confused. Why would Mendez do such a drastic thing to his face?

Well Pablo Schreiber, the actor who plays Mendez, was just as perplexed.

“I was very nervous to do that scene because, to me, the mustache was so important to who he was and I didn’t want to take away his main feature, so I needed some convincing,” Schreiber told Business Insider.

Lauren Morelli, the episode’s writer, explained to Schreiber the significance of killing Pornstache.

“Her reasoning was that we’re never going to see Pornstache lower than this,” Schreiber said. “This is his bottom, and to see him in a place where he’s incredibly vulnerable was a tool they wanted to use.”

But will we see Pornstache in Season 4?

“I can’t tell you anything about whether he’s coming back or not,” he said. “As of now, he’s in prison biding his time.”

Schreiber isn’t talking. And neither is Pornstache. Because Pornstache is dead.

Here’s a reminder of what Pornstache looks like:

By the way, IRL, Schreiber looks so different from Mendez, and it’s totally tripping us out (but that’s a different story for a different day).

(Featured image via Netflix)