This gross but oddly satisfying video shows a woman’s pores being cleaned and we can’t look away

So, let’s just agree, it’s pretty gross when beauticians (and random people) make videos of themselves removing blackheads with tweezers, and doing other relatedly weird things with their skin.

Yet, it’s also strangely satisfying to witness these events (especially from the safety of our living room), which undeniably says something bizarre about us as humans… but we won’t go into that right now.

What we will go into, is this gross but weirdly satisfying video of Taiwanese beautician Je Lin removing strands of oil and sebum out of someone’s face, which the internet is going bananas for.

If you just shuddered or squirmed a little bit, that’s an appropriate reaction for the entire minute of plucking that you’re about to see. Before we dive in, know that Je Lin describes her method as a “pain-free way to clear acne”.

If you’ve ever suffered from acne, you might relate to the feeling of just wanting your face to be free and clear of nasty blocked hair follicles, and how hard (and stressful) it is to treat horrible break-outs. Then there’s the fact that there’s no cure, only a handful of treatments which sometimes cause even more stress to your skin. Phew, acne. No small thing.

Anyway, have you mentally prepared for this event?

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Here we go!


The Daily Mail notes that the oil resembles “tiny maggots,” and as much as we hate that description, we have to agree. More importantly though, that’s a whole lot of pain and angst to go through for a clear complexion, so we hope it was worth the trouble.

So gross. Yet we’re so curious. We are weird.