THIS is the most popular wedding dress on ModCloth (and crazy affordable)

We just love ModCloth. Not only are they totally LGBT friendly, they became the first retailer to agree to stop airbrushing models. Their affordable style is also gosh darn cute. And they offer affordable wedding dresses when the average cost of a wedding is around thirty thousand dollars. ?

Below are photos of ModCloth’s Gilded Grace Dress, which is ModCloth’s most popular wedding dress. At only $175, it has over 880 positive reviews, and ranges from sizes 2 through 24.

Just look at these pretty photos:

That lovely lace!

The beautiful backdrop can’t distract from this gorgeous dress.

It’s like something out of a dream.

Happy dress, happy couple!

A lady can’t help but look like a model when wearing this dress

So. Darn. Classy… not to mention, Cute!

No matter what hairstyle you wear, this dress compliments it perfectly.

This dress beautifully reflects true love.

Try pairing this dress with bright flowers for a fun look!

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