These are the most popular places people are traveling to this summer

Hopefully you’ve got some time off this summer, because there are so many vacation options out there. There are actually some good travel deals popping up here and there as well, and some Americans are jumping on them before they run out of time. First let’s talk about the most popular international spots people are traveling to this summer.

If you look at the travel trends and data reported byAirlines Reporting Corp. (ARC), you’ll see that the number of tickets sold in America to go to Europe has increased by 26 percent.

More specifically, there’s a 41 percent increase in travel to Athens, 19 percent increase to London, 19 percent increase to Barcelona, 15 percent increase to Rome, and 9 percent increase to Paris.

Still, there’s some hesitation when it comes to traveling abroad these days, given the current political climate. The American Society of Travel Agents released a study that found 55 percent of everyday folks said the travel ban makes them more hesitant to travel abroad, since they’re nervous they won’t be welcomed in many places.

As a result, there are more people signing up for domestic travel this summer.

The ARC reports that more people are buying tickets to Miami and there’s a 16 percent uptick in summer trips booked to Hawaii. A little beach time is just what people need, apparently—and without the hassle of international travel.

Furthermore, the ARC studied the price of airline tickets that people purchased this year for summer travel. They found that the average price for a plane ticket decreased by 2 percent, but there were about the same number of tickets being bought as last year.

It sounds like a major European city or a domestic beach location will be the hot spots for this summer, so decide where you want to go and pack accordingly. And try to hunt down some good deals before they disappear into thin air!

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