The most popular paint color in your state might surprise you

Everybody has a favorite color, and so does every state! BEHR Paint analyzed color trends across America and found that homeowners often choose certain colors based on the state they live in. Can you guess which paint color reigns supreme in your state? (Here’s a hint: It’s most likely a color that you see in the natural landscape around you.)

BEHR’s color expert, Erika Woelfel, shared with HelloGiggles that citizens in states like Washington and Oregon often go for dark, mossy greens like BEHR’s “Naturalism” and “Conifer Green” to bring the outdoors indoors.

"This pair of Pacific Northwest states epitomizes outdoor adventure," Woelfel states, "and with moody greens Naturalism and Conifer Green on their walls, residents’ interiors are reminiscent of the lush landscape."

On the other hand, homeowners in Washington D.C. prefer BEHR’s “Wild Berry,” a deep pink reminiscent of D.C.’s cherry blossoms.

Woelfel says Wild Berry is packed with positivity, passion, and energy.

New Yorkers love BEHR’s inviting and warm “Linen White.” It’s a renter-friendly color and provides a blank canvas to display colorful accessories and home decor items.

The below map shows the top BEHR color in each state. Your state’s favorite color might surprise you!


If you’re looking to repaint a room in your home and have yet to be inspired, venture outside and take a look around you. Why not pay homage to your state’s natural beauty and bring nature inside?

Thank you to BEHR Paint and Erika Woelfel for sharing these colorful statistics!

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