The most popular Halloween costumes by state, because you need to know these things

Halloween is less than two weeks away, so hopefully you have your costume by now. Let this serve as your reminder that Halloween is actually 11 days away, and come the 30th there will be no more costumes left at Target. Whether you’re going to the store-bought route, or even hand making one, the big question is always: what are you going to be? Pirate, princess, or even a pirate-princess? The possibilities are endless, and now we’ve got a peek into what’s the most popular costumes in each state.

Influenster surveyed over 40,000 of its readers to determine what’s the go-to costume for Halloween in 2015. They then broke down their results state by state, so we can see exactly what state is going to have the most Elsas — and it’s only two this year! North Carolina and Vermont are never going to let it go.

Elsa isn’t the only popular princess this year. Cinderella will reign supreme in both Ohio and West Virginia, while Show White will enchant Indiana and New York. Meanwhile, Pocahontas has Georgia and Florida covered. A regular pretty princess will be most popular in South Dakota and Kansas.

And if princesses aren’t your thing, think about going trick or treating in Maryland or Vermont where Wonder Woman is the most popular costume. Or, if you like the DC baddies more, Tennessee and Alabama will be representing Harley Quinn.

But, Oklahoma and Illinois, we’ve got to talk. Your most popular costume is a Minion.

Check out the state-by-state breakdown from Influenster right here.

Image via iStock