Do you wear the most popular fragrance in your state?

Fragrances are deeply personal for various reasons. But is your fragrance the most popular in your state? Maybe if you don’t wear it, you know someone who does. While there are literally hundreds of fragrances out there, there are definitely some classics. And it seems that many on the lists fall into that category.

And we can totally understand why they’ve become classics. Quite a few of the fragrances on the list have been on shelves for years. But anyone who wears perfume knows, when you find your signature scent, you tend to stick with it for as long as possible. If that means decades, so be it.

Once a classic…

Brit & Co found the most popular fragrances by state, according to data from Most states seem to be in love with the same fragrance. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is the number 1 fragrance in a whopping 17 states, including Alabama, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin. The runner up is Calvin Klein Eternity, which has been around for an eternity (aka since the ’80s). Ladies in California, Maine, Oregon, and Texas have been loving on this scent for a long time. Calvin Klein also takes the number 3 spot with Obsession. It’s a very deep and sensual scent, using mandarin, bergamot, jasmine and vanilla. Which is probably why women in states like Arizona, Idaho, and West Virgina love it.

It seems that sweet smells tend to be popular up north. Aquolina Pink Sugar is popular in Washington. Women in Hawaii love the floral smell of Jessica McClintock Eau De Parfum Spray, which also has notes of citrus. And you can never go wrong with Clinique Happy, as the women of Montana have discovered. And if you want a true classic, follow New Mexico’s lead and stock up on Calvin Klein CK The One. That fragrance has been popular since the ’90s.

If you’re looking for a new signature, one of these might be it. At least you know it’ll always be in stock!

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