These are the most popular female-led action movies according to IMDb’s poll

Obviously, we love seeing women leads in film, but the one thing we maybe love even more than that? Seeing women leads in action movies.


And we’re obviously not the only ones. IMDb recently conducted a poll to see which which female-led action movie is their audiences favorite, and here are the top results.

1. Kill Bill: Vol 1 (Hero: Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride)

2. Alien (Hero: Ellen Ripley)

3. Aliens (Hero: Ellen Ripley)

4. Underworld (Hero: Selene)

5. Kill Bill: Vol 2 (Hero: Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride)

6. The Hunger Games (Hero: Katniss Everdeen)

7. Æon Flux (Hero: Aeon Flux)

8. The Fifth Element (Hero: Leeloo)

9. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Hero: Katniss Everdeen)

10. Salt (Hero: Evelyn Salt)


Talk about a seriously bad-ass line up.

Of course, we’d personally have to add Star Wars: The Force Awakens to this list, because Rey is basically our latest and greatest hero. But, what do you think? What’s your favorite female-led action movie?


To see the complete list, check out the link here.