This is the most popular Disney princess, in case you were wondering

We love Disney princesses. Like, a lot — and for so many different reasons. Each princess has something unique to offer, and we love that. But there’s one Disney princess who stands out among the rest of them. At least according to one Disney poll.

The anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper shared the results of a poll that asked Disney fans to name their absolute favorite princess. After receiving 80,000 responses (people obviously take their princess polls very seriously), the results are in.

The most popular Disney princess is….

Are you ready for this?

It’s Cinderella! Which totally makes sense — she’s one of the first Disney princesses ever to exist (Cinderella came out in 1950). Plus she’s super likable and hardworking and a has a squad of mice and also has a great dress.


Elsa (Frozen), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), and Belle (Beauty and the Beast) followed in the top five.

As for who people would most like to name their daughter after? Aurora wins with 35.3% of the vote, while Belle came in second with 32.2%.


The poll also asked people to determine what their most Disney princess-like quality is: 35.5% chose understanding like Belle, 33.9% said they’re curious like Ariel, 17% said they’re bold like Aladdin‘s Jasmine, and 13.4% feel courageous like Mulan.

If you’re wondering if anyone related most to Elsa and her “dangerously introverted” characteristics… no. They did not.


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