These are the most popular things dads googled — because dads are adorable

In honor of Father’s Day, which is THIS Sunday (did you buy your dad that little thing — like a weird back-scratcher from Brookstone, or mug warmer or those cold rocks you can put in alcohol — you’re not ACTUALLY sure if he’ll use yet?), Estately did some research to find out which stereotypically dad-related stuff each state googles the most. And it’s pretty funny.


Here’s how they did it, per Estately:

“We ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends, including fictional dads from movies and TV shows, brands associated with dads, stereotypical dad interests and issues, and a variety of other dad-related things.” false

And, more importantly, HERE are some of our favorites:

Hawaii: Tommy Bahama shirts

Michigan: Daddy-daughter dance (aww)

Nevada: Combover

New Mexico: Transitional lenses

North Carolina: Leather recliner

Rhode Island: Mrs. Doubtfire (lol)

Wyoming: Man cave

For the full list, click here!

We love you, dads, nose-hair trimmers and all.


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