The most popular celebrity post from the debates might surprise you

The first Presidential debate of the 2016 election has been the center of social media since it aired on television last night, but amidst all of the tension, there were some fun moments for us to enjoy too.

Victorious actress Victoria Justice delivered one of those moments, with the most viewed Instagram post related to the debates. She dressed up as Republican candidate Donald Trump and squared off, fists up, against wrestler John Cena, who was dressed as Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Exclusive photo of Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump. IT’S ON.? Who’s watching the debate tonight?!” Victoria captioned the shot.

What’s great about this is that it amuses us while also encouraging teens and young adults to tune into the debates and stay informed.

Social media continues to play a bigger part in politics than ever before. A few days ago, CBSN, the network’s streaming service, announced the plan to include a new Instagram feature in the debates.

Instagram stories launched a few weeks ago, allowing users to post pictures and videos that disappear within 24 hours, similar to Snapchat. CBSN used Instagram stories posted by their anchors, as well as viewers from around the country, during their live coverage of the debates last night.

Today is National Voter Registration Day. If you’re over 18 and interested in registering to vote at the polls on November 8th, visit the official voter registration website.