The most popular brunch food in your state might surprise you

It’s a weekend tradition: You slip into your best romper, lace up your gladiator sandals, and dance down the street (La La Land-style) to meet your girls for brunch. Diving into your favorite brunch food is pure bliss — but is where you live dictating what you eat? According to new data from Pinterest, there’s a clear winner in the “favorite brunch food” category for each of the 50 states, and the results are pretty eye-opening.

Think Californians go crazy for avocados? Nope, it’s figs. Picturing thick steaks accompanied by fried eggs in Texas? Think again! The Lone Star State loves stuffed avocado.

Ready for more? Keep scrolling to see which brunch food topped the list in your state.

Alabama: Pound Cake

Alaska: Smoked Salmon

Arizona: Breakfast Tostada

Arkansas: Cheese Danish

California: Fig

Colorado: Paleo Breakfast

Connecticut: Biscotti

Delaware: Fruit Tray

Florida: Pancake Cake

Georgia: Caribbean Brunch

Hawaii: Green Tea

Idaho: Zucchini Bread

Illinois: Mimosas

Indiana: Fruit Pizza

Iowa: Peanut Butter Bars

Kansas: Breakfast Casserole

Kentucky: Bourbon

Louisiana: Bread Pudding

Maine: Donuts

Maryland: Chickpea Pancakes

Massachusetts: Polenta

Michigan: Breakfast Cookies

Minnesota: Breakfast Burrito

Mississippi: Buttermilk Biscuits

Missouri: Party Dips

Montana: Scones

Nebraska: Hashbrowns

Nevada: Avocado Toast

New Hampshire: Irish Cream

New Jersey: Sangria

New Mexico: Breakfast Empanadas

New York: Breakfast Risotto

North Carolina: Banana Pudding

North Dakota: Chocolate Chip Muffins

Ohio: Cheesy Potatoes

Oklahoma: Breakfast Enchiladas

Oregon: Lavender

Pennsylvania: Thumbprint Cookies

Rhode Island: Flower Cakes

South Carolina: Quiche

South Dakota: Tater Tots

Tennessee: Cornbread

Texas: Stuffed Avocado

Utah: Waffles

Vermont: Beets

Virginia: Smoothie Bowl

Washington: Macaroons

West Virginia: Amish Friendship Bread

Wisconsin: Baked Oatmeal

Wyoming: Homemade Bread

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