This is the most popular baby boy name of 2016

Naming another human being sounds like one of the most stressful things in the world. After all, our names are basically our identities, representing who we are as human beings. Considering that writing a name down on a birth certificate is such an immense challenge for many, it’s great that we have name popularity lists for all the parents or future parents out there who need some inspiration.

Though 2016 isn’t over yet, Nameberry compiled a “Most Popular Baby Names of 2016” list after taking a look at the monikers that have gotten the most attention since January. On the boys’ side of things, the report revealed something interesting: the Top 5 names haven’t changed at all on Nameberry.

Top 5 Names for Baby Boys:

1. Ezra

2. Asher

3. Atticus

4. Declan

5. Oliver

Since Ezra has been at the top for about two years, we’re wondering: Who are all the famous Ezras out there and did their fame inspire parents to name their kids after them? Let’s review.

There’s Ezra Miller, who is currently playing The Flash and once acted as Patrick on The Perks of Being a Wallflower:


Ezra Fitz, Aria’s boyfriend on Pretty Little Liars:


Documentary producer and director Ezra Benjamin Edelman (who produced O.J.: Made in America):


Ezra Koenig, the band Vampire Weekend’s lead vocalist:


For any Cornell alumni out there, Ezra Cornell may be the perfect choice – since he was a co-founder of Cornell University and also the founder of the Western Union:


Ezra Pound, a poet who greatly influenced the modernist movement:


Final question: Will Ezra keep its #1 spot next year, for two years running?