The future is now: Here are the most popular baby names of 2016

It’s only November, but Baby Center UK already released its annual predictions for the most popular baby names of the new year. And oh boy. Or girl. This year’s list feels like the role call at a celebrity day care.

Emi and Hector are the top names for girls and boys respectively. Nicknames as first names are trending, but unfortunately anyone spelling their name “Emi” is going to be forever dealing with substitute teachers calling her “em-eye.” Hector seems like a pretty strong title, but it’s always kind of funny to see a wee little baby with a husky grown up name.

Some old-fashioned ones made the list – Astrid, Percy, and Aspen are making a comeback. To serve as total foils to those classic names, there quite a few direct reflections of pop culture included. In 2016, there might be an onslaught of little ladies named Effie, presumably after Elizabeth Banks’ character in the Hunger Games franchise. Apparently, folks are also naming their little bundles of joy Khaleesi, which came in 23rd on the list. To name your kid after the mother of dragons – whew! You must really love Game of Thrones. Like a lot. Like the most.

Here are the predicted top fifteen girls’ names of 2016:
1. Emi
2. Nora
3. Astrid
4. Eden
5. Marni
6. Luna
7. Clea
8. Queenie
9. Cicely
10. Beryl
11. Effie
12. Electra
13. Wren
14. Evangeline
15. Delphine

And here are the top fifteen boys’ names:
1. Hector
2. Atticus
3. Aspen
4. Auto
5. Devon
6. Nelson
7. Kit
8. Alberto
9. Cairo
10. Colton
11. Huxley
12. Lawson
13. Lochlan
14. Marshall
15. Miller

Check out the full lists of 30 at Baby Center UK.

(Images via HBO and BBC.)