These are the most popular Airbnb spots for weddings, and WOW they are the stuff of dreams

Planning a wedding is, in a word, a mess, but an exciting mess! And one way to make it easier is to nail down your location, like, ASAP. With Airbnb basically taking over the world, it’s only natural that travelers of the world who imagine a ~destination wedding~ but, like, not one everyone has done already, would give the site a look for a wedding spot. And according to our pals at Cosmopolitan, these are the most popular Airbnb picks for weddings.

Here are some of our fave Airbnb wedding spots, because who doesn’t want to have a fairytale wedding?

The Dairsie Castle in Fife, Scotland

Because who doesn’t want to get married in a CASTLE?


It’s seriously so, so glorious.


Rent it here.

The Villa Delenia in Euboea, Greece

Um, hello, beautiful magical island wedding!




Rent it here.

This historic stone villa in Crete, Greece

Get ~edgy vibes~ and a dose of history with your wedding!


Ugh, we wanna go here ASAP. Vacay with the squad, anyone?


Rent it here.

And the Borgia Castle in Tuscany

Another castle, but near a lake, and with a massive garden.


Talk about a dream come true!


Rent it here.

H/T Cosmopolitian