The Pope said something incredible about apologizing to the gay community

In case you were wondering whether or not Pope Francis was still the living embodiment of the sunglasses-emoji, he is. Alongside hanging with vloggers and supporting gender equality, he also says that gays, women, and children are owed an apology, according to the AP.

This statement was in response to a German cardinal also said gay people had been treated poorly and deserved an apology in response to the shooting in Orlando. The Pope echoed these sentiments, saying, “If a person who has that condition [being gay] has good will and is seeking God, who are we to judge?

That’s not all. While we’re giving out apologies, there are a few other groups who deserve them as well.

[The Catholic Church] shouldn’t just apologize to a gay person whom it has offended,” he continued. “It should ask forgiveness also from the poor, from exploited women, from children exploited as laborers. It has to ask forgiveness for having blessed so many weapons … Christians should ask forgiveness for not having accompanied so many persons, many families.”

We’re so glad the current Pope is continuing to spread love and acceptance, using religion as a reminder that we should be tolerant and loving of people no matter their race, gender, belief system, sexual orientation, or way of life.

What a perfect ending to Gay Pride Month, but also something we can carry with us forever@

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