When Pope Francis met Bo and Sunny Obama

Pete Souza, the official White House photographer, posted a photo on Instagram that captured Pope Francis meeting two very important political figures. That is, Bo and Sunny Obama, the Portuguese Water Dogs who belong to Barack and Michelle Obama (who I guess were also there).

The Pope’s visit to the White House was just one of many stops on his U.S. visit, which is set to wrap up this Sunday. Until then, he’s making official visits left and right, attending services at cathedrals and meeting with bishops, and playing fetch with the country’s most important canines.

OK, I don’t think they played fetch. But they did get to know each other pretty well as evidenced by this Instagram:

Bo joined the Obama family back in 2009, and was followed by Sunny in 2013. The two have been pretty important members of the cabinet ever since, so it’s only fitting they get to meet such an iconic religious figure on his tour of the United States.

Today, Pope Francis tours New York City, jetting down to Philadelphia on Saturday and then departing for Rome Sunday evening. It’s unclear how many more official dog visits he has scheduled between now and then, but that’s OK because it will be hard to find two more animals who are anywhere as cute as Bo and Sunny — although we’d be totally OK with trying.

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[Image via Instagram]

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