This new ‘Star Wars’ Pop-Tart is waaaay too cool to eat

Pop-Tarts have stepped up their game lately, and we’re not just getting the same old, same old strawberry frosted ones anymore. The breakfast pastry comes in all sorts of different flavors (pumpkin spice, anyone?) and why stick to just flavors when you can branch out into different Pop-Tart designs, too? That’s the world we’re living in right now, and we’ve just found the best Pop-Tart design to date: a Pop-Tart with Han Solo frozen in Carbonite.

It’s a fact that anything depicting Han Solo frozen in Carbonite is 10x better than something not depicting Han Solo in Carbonite. So this newly created Pop-Tart is actually the best thing we’ve ever seen, as far as breakfast-foods-turned-collectibles go. Created on what looks to be a strawberry Pop-Tart, we’ve got Han Solo reaching out from the frosting, surrounded by colorful sprinkles.

If it looks too amazing to eat, that’s the point. Don’t actually eat this Pop-Tart!! It’s technically a toy, made from hand-painted resin, and not something you should ever stick in the toaster oven. Falcon Toys, it’s maker, even states that, “This toy/art is meant for adult collectors and not suitable for children.” That’s right, this is what grownups spend their money on, and proudly. Speaking of money, these might be the most expensive Pop-Tarts ever made, at $30 a pop. Totally worth it, though.

Only downside to these new Pop-Tarts is that they’re already sold out. Falcon Toys only made 15 of them, and though they limited quantities to one per person, they still went fast. There’s hope that the toy company will make more in the future, considering the fact that the whole wide Internet has fallen in love with this idea. May we also suggest that Pop-Tarts create their own edible version? Because that’s all we really want for breakfast.

(Image via Falcon Toys)


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