Pop-Tart beer: It’s a thing

Earlier this month, we were totally blown away by the concept of lobster beer — “a pale ale with hints of citrus, herbs, salt, and of course lobster,” according to Smithsonian Magazine. Depending on who your tastes, it either sounds delicious or disgusting. (For me, the former — I’ve always been a proponent of all things lobster). But now, we’re curious (and really wanting to try!) the latest beer sensation: Pop-Tart beer. Yep, like the breakfast pastry.

California brewery 21st Amendment recently announced their plans to roll out a brand new beer that will remind us of those jam-filled, sugary breakfasts we all had in the ’90s. Pop-Tart beer — with the official name of “Toaster Pastry” — will be officially released a week from today at their San Leandro Brewery Opening Party on August 29 in honor of its new facility, which used to be a Kellogg’s factory. The beer will be in a brand new (and permanent) sized can: 19.2 ounces, with 7.6% alcohol by volume.

So will this drink be as sugary sweet as the real thing? Doubtful, as it’s an IPA, and as Fortune points out, it’s a 74 on the International Bitterness Unite (IBU) scale. For those who aren’t so savvy on the beer lingo, that means the beer will be pretty bitter. But we’ll probably detect notes of berry and pastry sweetness to compliment that bitterness.

Though this beer might sound pretty wild, there have been a lot of breakfast-themed beers coming out as of late. Take General Mills, the makers of Wheaties, who teamed up with Minneapolis brewery Fulton Brewing to make HefeWheaties. General Mills also gave Fort Collins Brewery boxes of Count Chocula for — you guessed it — Count Chocula beer. Fort Collins Brewery has a line of beer called “Cerealiously” (so punny!) that has included flavors like Golden Grahams, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Hey, we’re all for this new craze. You probably shouldn’t replace these beers with your real breakfast, but we’re totally willing to give the new Pop-Tart beer a try, if only for our inner ’90s kid. (Petition to make Wild! Berry Pop-Tart beer a thing?)

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