Just some beauty advice from pop culture witches

Halloween is almost here! Luckily, some of pop culture’s most famous witches took a break from casting spells and trying to turn children into mice to share their beauty and fashion tips. Makeover wands at the ready?

Sabrina Spellman 

If, like Sabrina Spellman, you’re in the awkward situation of having to keep your magical powers under wraps, she recommends going for an understated ’90s teen look: crimped hair, chokers and platform sandals. Bonus points if you own an adorably sarcastic black cat named Salem.

The Sanderson Sisters

When it comes to fictional witches, The Sanderson Sisters = serious squad goals. Winifred recommends wearing a strong red lippy on only the very top and bottom of your lips (never to the edges). This compliments such striking red hair. Fingernails should be kept long and sharp (ready for shooting electric bolts). Middle sister, Mary likes to go for a bold red lip too (with particular emphasis on the crooked lower right of the lips). She has a bold beauty mark just below her right nostril, thick eyeliner and a purple tint to her gravity-defying, cobweb hair up-do. Lastly, there’s Sarah Sanderson. She likes to wear her hair long and platinum blonde, with smoky, hypnotic eyeshadow and eyebrows that are always on point.

The Grand High Witch

You can’t have a title like the “Grand High Witch” (from “The Witches,” darling!) and just wear any old thing. Eva Ernst suggests long black gloves bejewelled with eye-catching rings and diamante bracelets; bewitching purple eyeshadow; elegant black dresses and tiny hats with a veil. Basically, you should dress as though you’re about to attend a very glamorous funeral (just don’t even think about taking that face off, your true witch features will scare your crush off — trust us.)


Flotsam and Jetsam, assemble! You’re going to need your trusty henchmen at your side for this look. Skin must be lilac all over (goodbye fake tan), lips red (a witches staple), hair Einstein-white and quiffed, while legs must become tentacles (hey, nobody said being a sea witch was easy). Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the eighties-inspired eyeshadow and drawn on eyebrows — the fiercer and closer to your hairline, the better.

The Wicked Witch of the West

No make-up necessary for this look — just LOTS of green face paint. Noses should be as large and pointy as possible and no outfit is complete without a witches hat and broom, of course. Oh, and lots of cackling. PS apply primer first to avoid having to shout, “I’m melting!” later on the sweaty dance floor.


Thick, curly brown hair and minimal make-up is Hermione’s beauty advice, because who has time play around with blusher when you’re helping to fight The Dark Lord? A Gryffindor school uniform, wand, time turner and grumpy looking ginger Persian named Crookshanks are the only accessories needed.

The White Witch 

Ok, we might as well get the toughest part of this look out of the way first: a crown made from icicles. While wearing this, you will of course need to stay at sub-zero temperatures so that it doesn’t melt and wreck your hair (nightmare).

The White Witch isn’t really big on make-up, but a light dusting of glitter across the face gives a fabulously frosty look. Keep to a white/silver/pale blue color palette with your outfits, and wear your most fearsome expression at all times (unless your jam comes on: Ice ice baby).

[Images via: Nickelodeon, Disney, MGM, Universal Pictures]

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