The 10 pop culture moments of 2017 that made me cry *the most*

If you’re anything like me, you probably spent a majority of 2017 crying. And listen, that’s okay. I cried a lot, you cried a lot, most humans on the planet (especially those in the United States) cried a lot this year. It happens. And since 2017 didn’t kill us (and neither did 2016, now that you mention it…), 2018 will only make us strong. Or at least it better.

But my tears this year weren’t just reserved for the state of our world and humanity! Oh hell no, I was crying about movies, television, and pop culture in general this year too. Maybe my emotions were heightened because so many things in the real world got me choked up. Maybe even every time I tried to escape the political climate of America, I was only reminded of it via Netflix. Whatever the reason, 2017 will surely go down as one of the years I cried THE MOST.

Just to highlight a handful of them, here are the top 10 things that made me cry, sniffle, bawl, and get choked up this year:

10When I saw about 5 seconds of Mary Poppins Returns at D23

Yes, I have seen a tiny clip of Mary Poppins Returns, and you have not. I can’t even remember what the scene was, I just know Lin-Manuel Miranda was there, and the second I realized what I was seeing, I started welling up. Mary Poppins isn’t even high on my list of Disney favorites, but knowing that there’s going to be magic between Miranda + Emily Blunt (playing the practically perfect nanny) is too much for my heart to take.

9The ending of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is an absolutely gorgeous film. The colors just completely pop off the screen, and there’s no better example for this than during Yondu’s funeral. The Raverges have come to pay their respect, and shoot fireworks into the sky. Now add in Cat Stevens “Father and Sons,” and ‘lil sleepy Baby Groot, and the waterworks start flowing.

8When Billie Lourd came out and said Leia’s monologue at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

So much about Star Wars Celebration Orlando made me cry because a lot of it was a tribute to Carrie Fisher. During the 40th Anniversary panel, Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, came out dressed in a modernized Leia outfit and recited Leia’s opening monologue from A New Hope. There wasn’t a dry eye in the 5,000+ theater.

7I learned John Oliver would be voicing Zazu in the live-action The Lion King

Literally every single casting announcement for Disney’s live-action The Lion King has made me cry, some more than others. I was flustered when I learned that Donald Glover would be voicing Simba, and I remember slamming my fists down onto my desk in excitement when I learned Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen would voice Timone and Pumbaa. As for John Oliver voicing Zazu? I literally cried. I had to take a quick walk around the office to compose myself, it was weird.

6The Season 1 finale of One Day At a Time

One Day At A Time is one of Netflix’s hidden gems. If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly suggest you do – it’s also a super easy binge since all episodes are less than 30 minutes. For those who are late to the ODAAT party, I won’t spoil the season finale, but basically the entire season leads up to a quinceañera and I bawled my eyes out watching the extended Alvarez family come together over daughter Elena and…hold on, I’m crying again.

5That This Is Us episode where Randall has a nervous breakdown, “Jack Pearson’s Son”

This is the episode where Randall has a panic attack (which is rare to see on TV) and Kevin leaves the opening night of his show to go and be with him. You know this episode affected you in some way, because it was a DOOZY.

4When Obama SURPRISED Biden with the Medal of Freedom

Oh my god. This might have been my last happy moment of 2017, because a mere week later our 45th President was sworn in and, ugh. But this isn’t about him, this is about then President Obama surprising his best friend, Vice President Joe Biden, with the Medal of Freedom. Biden stars crying. I started crying. I think I’ve watched this video like 400+ times this year because it fills me with such JOY that I can’t find nowadays. Miss you, Uncle Joe.

3The last 20 minutes of Coco

I knew I was going to cry going into Coco, I just didn’t think I’d cry THAT MUCH. I kept it together until roughly the last 20 minutes of the film, but then when Miguel starts really freaking out about forgetting his ancestors, and Grandma Coco can’t seem to recall her father, and oh god. Pixar should have handed out tissues at every single screening. This cry was like a dry heave cry, I was sobbing.

2Wonder Woman

At this point, it’s easier to just list off the times I didn’t cry during Wonder Woman. I started crying during the opening scene on the beach. I stopped crying while Diana was trying on dresses in London. I bawled as Diana crossed No Man’s Land, and basically cried from then through the end credits.

113 Reasons Why

If I like a Netflix show, I’ll watch it again and again on repeat for background noise as I hang out in my apartment. I would love to watch 13 Reasons Why again. However, over the past nine months I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it because I’m still so emotionally shaken from it the first time. I loosely knew the story before I went into the series, but I was not prepared for just how hard it would hit me. I know I started crying well before the penultimate and final episodes, but those two together — just even thinking about them now has me a little choked up. I can single out two specific scenes that really pushed me over the edge, both involve music: When Clay and Hanna dance, and when Clay walks through the school hallway and sees Sky. This show was literally too much for my heart to handle, which is why it’s snagged the #1 spot.

Note: If you’re wondering why Lady Bird is not on this list, it’s because I have not seen it yet, and I know, I KNOW, that’s all on me, and I’m so sorry.