How to do Pop Art makeup for Halloween that looks so amazing, Lichtenstein would be proud

If you’re a fan of pop art cartoon makeup, you already know how fun and cute it is. It’s also, as our beloved YouTubers show us, pretty easy to do at home. “Pop Art” makeup became super popular in the’50s and ’60s and generally depicted normal people with “cartoon” features, such as over-exaggerated tears. Pop art is still common in comic books and cartoons today, and is often a hit when it comes to comic conventions. It’s also a great choice for Halloween if you’re looking for a costume that is mostly make-up based, as the rest of the outfits tend to be pretty normal.

Check out some of our favorite pop art makeup tutorials below! And remember, you can apply the same basic techniques for pop art to anybody, so feel free to be creative with it!

Sad Pop Art Comic Book Tutorial

The super bright colors drawn-on tears are key pop art traits!

Neon Green Pop Art Tutorial

While neon green face makeup might not be something you already own, this look is super cool and original! It’s great if you want to go as a wicked witch in the near future, too.

Standard Pop Art Tutorial

This tutorial is super clear, to the point, and easy to follow, even for beginners. The finished look is awesome on its own, but you can feel free to experiment with it, too!

Halloween Pop Art Tutorial

If you want a look that shows off your makeup skills, definitely attempt the look in the video above! Super visually impressive and super Halloween while still being feminine and classy.

Damsel In Distress Pop Art Tutorial

If you want a look that is perfect for Halloween without being gore-y, definitely try this one! Perfect for selfies, too.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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