Poor Zac Efron has no idea what’s going on during Crosswalk the Musical with James Corden

Things got more than a little tense between Hugh Jackman and James Corden last night, when they battled it out for leading man status during the latest rendition of The Late Late Show’s Crosswalk the Musical. Jackman was joined by The Greatest Showman co-stars Zendaya and Zac Efron and the trio — plus, Corden and The Late Late Show musical company — took their show to Broadway.

Crosswalk the Musical is one of Corden’s most popular bits — coming second only to Carpool Karaoke — and he’s put on productions like Hair, Beauty and the Beast, Grease, and The Lion King in a busy Los Angeles intersection. With each show, it’s become more readily clear that the one thing Corden loves more than being in the musical itself, is being in charge of the musical. Even Lin-Manuel Miranda took a 100 giant steps back and let Corden take the reins during their Hair collaboration. But not Jackman, who proved to maybe be even more into the concept than Corden.

But as Corden and Jackman — who the host repeatedly referred to as “Huge” Jackman — were in it to win it, the Logan actor’s co-stars couldn’t have been on a more different level. While Zendaya likened Corden’s direction to Dance Moms, Efron seemed more confused than anything.

"I mean, everyone seems really excited. Zendaya seems excited, Hugh seems pumped. I have literally no idea what's going on...at all," he quipped.

So, how’d the LA company do, facing off against New Yorkers?


Once the company took center stage — err, crosswalk — things really heated up. Between costume changes, tensions ran at an all-time high between Corden and Jackman. And while Zendaya was pleasantly surprised by the experience, Efron remained uneasy about the whole ordeal.

"This is not the best way to do a musical," he told cameras. "Or cross the street."

But despite being continually perplexed by the musical — while also seemingly having a good time — Zac did deliver on what may have been the best moment of the whole thing. As the company performed “The Greatest Show” from The Greatest Showman, he *literally* fell off a tricycle in the middle of the street.


But like a true professional, he got back up and kept performing.

If we learned one thing from the dazzling Crosswalk the Musical performance, it’s that a show is only as strong as its performers. ALSO, Zac Efron needs to be in more street-side musicals.

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