The ultimate pool party playlist

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We’re in the thick of summer now, and it’s obvious to anybody who has the fortune/misfortune to be outside: The temperature is at its peak, as is the general stormy humidity; to venture into the world is to succumb to these conditions, or at the very least, to be forced to confront them.

Enter: The outdoor pool, and its more social sister, the pool party. Nearly any other part of the year, the outdoor pool is in limited use, but now is the perfect time to grab your floaties and/or noodles, your friends, and the most accessible body of water in your friend group. Forget the crowded stretch of the beach or the cloistered space of the indoor pool — now’s the time for lounging poolside in your cutest swimsuit and biggest hat, blasting the summer’s hottest jams while reading the season’s hottest reads. These are those jams; now, start planning.

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