This pool float keeps your rosé cold and within reach, because somebody finally gets it

What can be better than sipping an alcoholic drink in the pool?! Absolutely nothing. That’s why a company called FUNBOY designed this pool float which keeps your rosé cold and within reach. It’s like somebody finally understands what we’ve been wanting all these years.

The company has been blowing up ever since celebrities like Taylor Swift and Emily Ratajkowski featured them on their social media. The oversized pool floats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Basically, if you want to relax by the pool, FUNBOY is a way to get that done. And now they have created a pool float that will make any wine drinker super happy!

One of the best parts about this float is that you can share the experience with your besties.

You and your three friends can relax inside of a pool while your drinks chill by your side. No more climbing out of the pool to drink! Now everything you need is in reach and inside of the pool with you. In addition, you can keep loads of ice and spare bottles inside of the middle compartment.

If you are having a solo pool day, there is a smaller contraption you can use as well.

Life saving floating device or party maker? You decide!

The newest creation from FUNBOY looks like a big yacht. It features two cup holders and a “deck” where you can store ice and extra bottles. But if that’s not fancy enough for you, there’s a private jet, too.

All of these will obviously come in handy since FUNBOY is also releasing their own brand of rosé.

Basically, your average pool day can be transformed into a Miley Cyrus music video.

And who wouldn’t want that?!

Although this might look like a regular pool float, these FUNBOY products are a luxury brand. And that means that each product comes with a hefty price tag. So maybe you can start saving up now and be ready to impress once summer comes around.