Pong.com Releases Pinterest For Flash Gaming

Pong.com is your new all-in-one source to find flash-based video games, Pinterest style!  The Father of Video Games himself, Nolan Bushnell (co-founder of Atari), endorses the website and tells TheNextWeb.com, “Pong.com is an exciting breakthrough that I believe will revolutionize the online flash gaming world.”

Here’s all you need to know about your new, favorite social media playground!!  Simply create an account, pick up to eight game categories which interest you, follow awesome people (like me!!) and create a bunch of cool boards.

The site works almost exactly like Pinterest, which as many of you know, is one of my favorite sites for discovery and personal, creative organization.  By building a similar social platform, Pong.com allows us to experience a multitude of games that range from classic to brand new.  Additionally, you can add flash games to your Pong Boards by dragging the “Pong It” button onto your bookmarks bar.

The obvious remark that many will make as Pong.com hits the major gaming news outlets, is the clear likeness in design to the undeniably, female-friendly Pinterest.  New statistics come out constantly which triumphantly sound the same alarms, “More women play video games now than ever before!”  These studies always frustrate me, though I suppose Rome wasn’t built in a day.  However, the frustration stems from the fact that girls played video games just as much as boys when I was growing up.  Video games were a curious new technology, like radio or TV once was.  As a perfect example, check out this early 1980’s Missile Command commercial for Atari starring a young girl and her uncle:


Over a year ago I wrote an article for HelloGiggles called, Your Princess Is No Longer In Another Castle.  In it, I link to a study done in 1986 where a group of eighty-eight 5th graders (44 boys and 44 girls), proved that the girls who were encouraged to play Missile Command were more interested in “boy” toys than “girl” toys at recess.  As you can imagine, girls stopped being the protagonists of video game commercials.  And due to this I don’t believe it’s fair to say that we, as a gender, suddenly “lost interest” in gaming.  Access to information was limited 30 years ago, and marketers knew that the genders could still be molded into believing that video games belonged to the masculine realm.  Goodbye sweet Atari, this was Nintendo’s world… Now We’re Playing With Power!


The newest study about women in “gaming” came out last month, prior to E3 2013:

But… define “gaming”.  If you do so in the comments below, you’ll find that everyone defines it differently.  I personally hold a very liberal stance on gaming, counting mobile and Facebook apps, despite classifying myself as a “Mid-Core” gamer.

BUT, NOW!!  Sites like Pong.com will give everyone easy access to a giant library of flash games.  I can’t wait to see what all of you HelloGiggles Gamers will discover and share with each other.  Leave comments with your profiles and let’s be among the first to browse around and try out some amazing flash based games!!


Images via Pong.com

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