We can’t stop looking at photos of this pomeranian husky hybrid puppy

We love all dogs! Muts, pedigrees, whatever, all fur babies are created equal. But we stumbled across this little guy on the IG and just need to talk about him. Have you guys ever met a Pomsky?! It’s a dog that is part Pomeranian and part husky and it is the most beautiful little furball we have ever laid eyes on!

Norman the pomsky is our new virtual dog bff!

Maybe we’re late to the pomsky game, but we’ve never seen a dog this adorable before.

It’s like a miniature husky!

Well, we guess by definition a pomsky IS a mini husky?


This is honestly our new favorite Insta dog!

Aww, look at his brother.

These are Norman’s parents when they got him and he was just a little baby.

We love this little derp!

Hi Norman our fave new pomsky!

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