This DIY pom pom wall art will turn any plain wall into a beautiful rainbow

If you love any craft that includes pom poms, we have the thing for you: a beautiful pom pom rainbow to hang high on your wall. This craft is super easy to make, even if you’ve never DIY-ed anything before. A piece of wood, some hot glue, ribbon, string — and of course, a bunch of poms — will allow you to create the cutest rainbow to hang over your couch or bed. Change up the colors to whatever your rainbow is in your sky. Watch the video below for more instructions.

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DIY Pom Pom Wall Art


2 ~18″ wood strips
Ribbon (~7 yards)
Hot glue gun
Spray paint
Pom poms
Wood glue (or hot glue)


1. Spray paint one side and the edges of each wood strip and allow to dry.
2. Cut strips of ribbon, varying the lengths so they make a half circle. You’ll need around 16 ribbon pieces.
3. Hot glue the ribbons to the wood strip. Trim them to make sure they form a nice curve.
4. Hot glue pom poms to the ends of the ribbons.
5. Glue a piece of string to each end of the wood strip for hanging.
6. Using wood glue or hot glue, glue the second wood strip over the first and let dry.

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