Pom-pom nails are the cutest nail art trend you can DIY

Pom poms are not just some ubiquitous craft item anymore, they are now an official nail art tool. If you were curious about trying out the furry nail art trend, this is now a way to get some fuzz on your finger without going full Chewbacca. Plus, pom-poms come in all sorts of colors and sizes so you can create some cool combos. 

Cosmopolitan reports this new nail decor is all the rage in Korea, with nail art fans using them in a myriad of ways, from pom-poms on each finger to a not-so demure decoration on their accent finger. We’re totally down, so we checked out ways to rock them:

These pom-poms look classy when paired with a muted nail shade!

A neon pom-pom will stand out even more against a nude nail.

Match a pom-pom with a nail color for each finger.

Go big and bright to have nails inspired by a McDonald’s playground ball pit.

Or do them in pink with one fuzzy pom as an homage to Cher’s pink fuzzy pen from Clueless.

Put tiny pom-poms together to make your look even more unique.

Yes, over-sized poms might make it tricky to use the bathroom, but it’s a small price to pay for having the coolest nails in the room!

Ready to do them yourself? Head to the craft store to grab some pom-poms and use a tweezer to gently apply them to your nails after putting on your top coat.

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