Polyvore just introduced a “deal watcher” feature that will change the way you shop online

Anyone who’s ever used Polyvore knows the shopping launchpad site can be a life-changer. It’s the one place online where you can go to find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter how weird or obscure the item may be. And now, Polyvore has introduced a “Deal Watcher” feature that will make your online shopping experience even better.

With this new option, not only can you search for the most strange and specific clothing items and accessories, Polyvore will allow you to add your dream items to a Deal Watcher list, and notify you via email when the items in that category go on sale by at least 25%.

Here’s what Deal Watcher looks like on the site.


Here’s what Polyvore’s sale-notification email will look like.


And here’s what you’ll look like after you find that palm print skirt you saw on your favorite fashion blogger — for 50% off.

Yeah. It’s pretty freaking exciting.

To use Deal Watcher, just head to Polyvore.com and type in the item you’re searching for — e.g. “palm print pants.” Then, click “Add to Deal Watcher” in the top left corner of the page — telling Polyvore you want to keep track of items in that search category — then sit back and wait for your weekly email notifying you of any major sales.

It’s online shopping made so simple. Thanks, Polyvore!