‘Smog selfies’ are apparently a thing and it’s a total bummer

There are many moments that ground you to reflect on life outside of the bubble we live in. What we complain about, or find to be the end of the world, can be put into perspective when we think of others. Currently in India, Smog selfies are apparently a thing, and it is a lot worse than what you are thinking.

The Indian government declared an “emergency situation” in New Delhi this Sunday because air pollution has hit dangerous new highs. Residents of India are taking selfies to prove how dire the situation is. Officials have announced measures in order to combat the toxic smog in the capital city. This includes halting construction projects, canceling school, closing a coal-fired power plant for 10 days and dousing the dusty roads with water.

Government data shows that the smog is the worst India has seen in the last 17 years. The concentration of PM2.5, a tiny particulate pollution that clogs lungs, averaged close to 700 micrograms per cubic meter. That is 12 times the governmental norm and 70 times the WHO standards.


The worst part is although one may think that everyone is staying indoors during this time, many families are still on the streets and going to work to make ends meet. Just because they are faced with this deathly situation, they still have to make a living.


Although we may not see this as our problem it is! We all love on the same planet and when one area is affected, it is a catalyst and we will see the ramifications of this even for years to come.


Our hearts truly go out to the people of India and we hope that the government will be able to rectify this situation. There are many lives at stake and the future of our Planet Earth as well!