This poll shows what women and men think is the most important quality in a partner

While you may not know exactly what makes you fall in love with someone, there are qualities you probably seek in a romantic partner. So, the online dating site conducted a poll to find out what men and women think is the most important feature their partners have. As told HelloGiggles in an email, they “asked 697 men and women what are the most important qualities in their partner, and without which a relationship would be impossible.”

(Based on the findings, it appears everyone polled was heterosexual, since the results were reported as the top qualities women appreciate in men and men appreciate in women. In the future, it would be amazing to see this expanded upon to include those in same-sex relationships.)

Turns out, the number one thing that both women and men think is the most important is the same — and it’s a biggie.

Both the women and men polled said their relationship would not be possible without HONESTY.


Other desirable traits in a partner discovered by the poll were similar to honesty, but honesty reigned supreme with 35% of women and 30% of men polled saying it was the most important.

It is interesting to note that along with honesty, loyalty came in as the second most important trait in a male partner for women. For men, a woman with a good sense of humor came in second, while it was in fifth place for the women.

Yet, don’t let its rank fool you since 14% of men and 11% of women said sense of humor was important — so women want a man who can make them laugh, too.

Across the genders, the top five important qualities were: honesty, good sense of humor, loyalty, trust, and being a caring person. Women then ranked chemistry and kindness as important, while men focused on intelligence and respect.

Although there were differences in how the men and women responded to the poll, overall — no matter your gender — the main qualities that make for a happy and healthy relationship are the same. And that’s some good news for anyone seeking lasting love.

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