Here’s the politically-charged Heineken ad everyone is talking about

With all the advertising content that’s churned out every day, it’s rare to find something that really resonates on an emotional level. Heineken released a political ad called “World Apart: An Experiment” that caught our attention for its simple concept: six strangers with different social and political views (unbeknownst to each other) are divided into pairs and have to build an at-home bar together.

Each pair spends hours working together, sharing laughs, and bonding over the eternal struggle of using an instruction manual. And then, near the end of the day, it’s revealed to them that they are on polar opposite ends of the political spectrum (we’re talking on things like climate change, feminism, transgender rights, the whole shebang).

And then, they’re given the option of walking away from one another, or simply sharing a beer at the bar they just built and discussing their differences.

And the results, well, they speak for themselves (you may want to grab the tissues).

We’re super impressed that Heineken opted to make this political and potentially controversial ad, because the message is truly beautiful — that despite any major differences we might have with friends or family, we can still make a concerted effort to respect and accept each other for who we are. Also, that it’s entirely possible to work together in a heathy and productive manner with someone whose views might be different from your own.

We all come from different walks of life, but there are still things we can relate to about one another.

This ad is worth sharing far and wide, and we look forward to the many conversations it will undoubtedly inspire.