Get political for the latest nail art trend

Even though the primary elections aren’t for another few months, the nail artists of Instagram are campaigning for their favorite candidates in the best way – with political manicures, of course. Whether you’re “feeling the Bern,” want to “trump” the competition, or want to see a Hil on the Hill (yes, I made that up, and yes, Mrs. Clinton, I’m available to join your team), there are so many different ways to paint your support right onto your nails.

If you don’t have a steady hand or Master’s of Fine Arts, try starting your look with red, white, and blue polish and a couple of American Flag decals. FYI, they come in normal flag shapes as well as heart shapes, because … America.

Then, add a little flair by painting the name of the presidential candidate who’s getting your vote come next November. Oh, and, also, maybe this goes without saying, but don’t forget to actually vote, too.

Here’s some amazing inspiration to help you nail your political manicure.

Katy Perry rocked Hilary-themed nails. These definitely look like stickers, and I hope they become available to the public ASAP.

This is a gorgeous hand-painted set of H.C. nails.

Why not use nail polish to create a likeness of your favorite candidate? These Bernie Sanders thumbnails are adorable.

Forget lawn signs and bumper stickers!


You don’t have to decide which candidate is getting your vote just yet. Show support for your party of choice.

Or send out a polished salute to our current POTUS. To see your face become a nail decal has to be a huge honor.

Primary elections start as soon as February. Check out mytimetovote to see what day you should cast your ballot.

(Image via Instagram.)

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