Why this sweet picture of a policeman and a baby just went viral

Yesterday, there was a terrible traffic accident involving an ambulance, an 18-wheeler, and 3 vehicles on Interstate 20 near Leeds, Alabama. One of the drivers involved was a young mother (whose name has been withheld), who was driving with her infant daughter, and though both were unharmed, the mother was, understandably, pretty rattled by the whole situation.

One of the police officers on the scene was Deputy Ric Lindley, who stepped in to help the mother out. As AL.com reports, Lindley first asked if the mother was OK. When it was clear she wasn’t,  Lindley asked if he could hold the upset baby and give the mom a chance to just breathe.

“After I held her and walked a bit, she quieted down”  Lindley told AL.com. I recalled my days as a young father, and young grandfather, and I put those skills to work and calmed the baby down. She had a very sweet little personality.”

Lindley went on to explain that he held the baby for quite some time, “…at least a good hour and a half.”

“I wanted to give her mother time to regain her composure,” Lindley said. “She’s a young mother, and this was probably extremely traumatic for her. She was having a rough time from an emotion standpoint.”

One of the other deputies on duty captured this sweet moment on camera, and once the pic hit the Internet, it went viral on Facebook, reaching over a half million people, according to AL.com.

Lindley’s good deed has been getting tons of praise from his higher-ups.

“I have said many times I wished somehow everyone knew how good they really were,” said Sheriff Mike Hale. “This deputy is part of the family I’m referring to and we are especially proud of the recognition he is getting today for this simple act of care and kindness.”

“That kind of work doesn’t come through training, it comes from the heart and the kind of person you are,” added Chief Deputy Randy Christian. “Great heart and character are the kinds of things we look for when recruiting. We certainly got it right on this one.”

As for Lindley, he’s totally being modest about the whole thing.

“I did nothing heroic,” Lindley said. “All I did was hold a baby.”

Well, agree to disagree, we think Lindley absolutely stepped in a pulled a hero-move, helping a young mother in a way that really mattered. Good on you, Officer, good on you.


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