This police pug is sure to catch criminals with cuteness

Police dogs are incredibly helpful in catching criminals and sniffing out dangerous situations. However, not all dogs are cut out for the job, since they have to be extremely intelligent and highly trainable. But…There is a pug whose cuteness will likely help him catch criminals, and we’re mildly obsessed with him.

OK, we’re all the way obsessed with him. Because he’s obviously the cutest, bravest little pug in the world!

Police dog units are usually composed of bigger dogs with bigger teeth like German Shepherds, Labs, Boxers, and Bloodhounds. That would explain why we’ve never seen a pug police dog — until now! This only adds to the reason why we’re 100% obsessed with this little K-9 cutie.

The Rochester Police Department in New Hampshire welcomed Hercules the pug onto their K-9 team, and it’s clear that he’s going to catch criminals by being ridiculously adorable. The department posted:

"Introducing the Rochester Police Department's new K-9: Hercules.

Hercules has been trained on how to aggressively hunt down any loose treats that may be in the vicinity. Don't let the flat nose fool you.

He also knows how to sleep all day no matter what the weather may be. He's a sucker for a belly rub and does not enjoy running.

Welcome aboard, Hercules."

Is that not the cutest police dog you’ve ever seen? We’re not sure we’d want Hercules on the case if he needed to tackle a criminal to the ground. We’d be worried for his safety. But there are probably countless other jobs he’d be perfect for. For starters, he’s already succeeding at the job of being adorable.