Police cats might soon be a thing thanks to this little girl’s convincing letter

Some little girls dream of becoming Princesses. Others dream of movie stardom. And still others dream of a world where cats and dogs can serve side-by-side on the police force. At least that’s what the 5-year-old Eliza Adamson-Hopper dreams of. And, despite her young age, this girl knows how to make her dreams a reality.

After a conversation with her father about police dogs, Eliza asked the very logical question as to whether or not man’s other best furry friend served on the police force. When she found out that there were no felines on the force, she decided to write a letter voicing her concern and making a convincing cat case. She argues that they’re great at hearing for danger, have excellent directional skills, and are excellent climbers who could help people stuck in trees (as they often are themselves).

Touched by her letter, Chief Constable (and fellow cat-lover) Barton responded that she made some great points, and even included a drawing of his own cat.

And the Chief Constable wasn’t kidding. He discussed the idea with higher ups because, according to the Huffington Post, they also responded to Eliza’s letter. The Durham Constabulary Dog Unit (her local police force) thanked her for the idea. They said that while it was an excellent one, the police dogs on the force may not always get along with their cat friends, blaming the dogs for being too bossy. But they then invited her to several educational events to learn meet the existing police dogs and learn more about how animals help out the officers.

Eliza and her family seem to be excited about the responses, even if they didn’t (yet) result in uniformed kittens. The family was grateful that Eliza and her creative suggestion was taken seriously and respectfully responded to.

Who knows? Maybe someday the little girl will be so inspired by the kindness of the officers that she’ll join the force herself and create her own cat task force. When you’re already making waves at 5-years-old, anything is possible.

We’re rooting for you, Eliza. Not only because you’re a young go-getter, but also because we really want to see more cats in uniform.http://interpolcop.tumblr.com/post/4647875893/police-cat-quick-to-investigate