Pole-Dancing Rat might just dethrone Pizza Rat as the most iconic rodent

Last year, A rat dragging a slice of pizza down the steps of a New York City subway made its debut as the “most New York thing to ever happen.” But watch out, Pizza Rat, because there’s a new, pole-dancing rat in town.

Passengers on the N train headed to Queens at 3 a.m. are bound to see their fair share of strange things on any given day, but a pole-dancing rodent might take the cake.

Subway rider Andy Konrad sent the video to the New York Post, which featured a rat scaling a subway hand rail, doing a few twirls, and sliding back down in true showgirl fashion.

Just last week, the Washington Post interviewed Zardulu, an artist who claims to have staged Pizza Rat, and many other viral photos and videos, by using taxidermied animals or training rodents.

No word on whether Pole-dancing rat is one of Zandalu’s tricks, but even if it is – we’re equally parts grossed out and impressed. Just another reason to break out the hand sanitizer next time you use public transit!