Polaroid’s newest camera draws inspiration from none other than Snapchat

Nowadays, Polaroid instantly evokes nostalgia, of a time when you had to wait for your photos and buy packs of film for every occasion. The company stumbled a bit after the advent of digital cameras, but they’re on the upswing thanks to a dedicated film camera fanbase.

And at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Polaroid debuted Pop, a new digital camera that lets you put filters and stickers on your photos before you print them.


The company is celebrating its 80th anniversary, and so it makes sense that they’d unveil something really special this year. The Pop is a punchy little device that keeps the company’s most iconic feature—the instant 3″ x 4″ square-ish photo print—in place while also rising to meet our digital moment. Though Polaroid unveiled its Snap camera in 2015, that camera’s photos come out in a smaller, 2″ x 3″ print size.

Of course, the filters and stickers trend currently sweeping just about every major media company originated at Snapchat. Who among us hasn’t taken a cute dog filter selfie? Or a flower crown one? Or a… the point is, we as consumers clearly love putting virtual stuff on our faces, and now Polaroid’s found a way to marry this love with our other love of flattering film portraits.


There’s no word yet on how much the Pop will cost (the Snap will set you back $100), but expect to see this on a lot of holiday wish lists this year.

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