Here’s an adorable polar bear cub taking her first steps, because you deserve to see this

Well, here’s a pretty special animal milestone that *might* make you squeal out loud. A baby polar bear cub took her first steps at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, Germany. As it turns out, those precious paws couldn’t have moved at a more perfect time. As fate would have it, the 14-week-old cub finally managed to get her footing a few days before February 27, which animal enthusiasts know as International Polar Bear Day.

Such a sweet coincidence has us doing a joyous wiggle in our seats, much like the yet-to-be-named cute polar bear cub, who is apparently not shy at all, as proven by the fancy dances she performed in front of excited onlookers at the zoo.

According to The Telegraph, the cub is prone to wandering off on her own when her mother Giovanna tries to get in a little some much-needed R&R (no rest for the weary newborn’s mother), but one look into this darling baby bear’s white furry face tells us that she’s wayyy too PRECIOUS to be scolded.


When Playful Polar Bear (our official nickname for her until further notice) took her first steps, the zoo staff recalls her being “wobbly on her feet, but full of enthusiasm,” which we take as a good sign that she’ll grow up to be a healthy and strong addition to the global polar bear population.

Meanwhile, she’s practicing her bite techniques (ouch):


And filling her belly with pretzels.


D’awww! Giovanna’s baby girl seems to be quickly finding her way in the world and is officially on our list of awesome polar bear cubs to watch.